Who We Are

Our Beginnings

Literacy & Evangelism International was founded in 1967 by Dr. Robert F. Rice, a former missionary to South Korea. Dr. Rice was in South Korea for 15 years, where he saw firsthand the need for adult literacy.    He traveled around the U.S. and in Latin America at first, helping to create Bible-content adult literacy materials and helping to begin community literacy evangelism ministries.     Literacy & Evangelism was born in 1967 with Dr. Frank Laubach (often called the ‘Apostle of Literacy’) serving on the Board.  Dr. Laubach wholeheartedly endorsed the work of L.E.I. saying “The Literacy & Evangelism program  is closer to the heart of God than any other …because it can win souls to Christ.”    Slowly the ministry grew as he trained and mentored others in primer construction and tutor training.

The current office in Tulsa was built in 1980 and “Tutor Place”, the training facility and dormitory was constructed in 1987.

L.E.I. Now

We have a 40+ year history of ministry to the non-readers of the world with Missionaries and Partners throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.   Currently Rev. Sid Rice, son of founder Dr. Robert Rice, is serving as the Executive Director of L.E.I.

We are a missionary fellowship, Christians from various nations and denominations, drawn together by a passion for God and compassion for people who cannot yet read the Word of God.

We desire to see the Church in every nation effectively reaching the illiterate, bringing them the Living Word, Jesus Christ, through enabling them to read the written Word of God.

Literacy & Evangelism International is an interdenominational, inter-mission fellowship. We cooperate with all Christian groups: churches, mission agencies, and para-church organizations through offering them training and assistance in creation of materials.

We are a faith ministry, supported by donations from interested churches and individuals. We maintain a foundation of prayer.

In Canada

Literacy & Evangelism International – Canada began when Rev. Carey Jo Johnston moved to Ontario to Pastor a church with her husband.   Having worked and travelled extensively with Dr Bob Rice, Rev. Johnston has been with L.E.I. since 1990 and,  due to her expertise in Primer Construction, is our International Coordinator for Primer Construction.

Upon moving to Canada, it seemed natural to expand the work of L.E.I. into Canada where we are now holding Tutor Training Workshops in both Adult Literacy and English Language Ministries as well as being directly involved in a number of overseas projects, trainings and Primer Construction.

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