Become a Tutor

Becoming a Tutor with L.E.I. is easy.   Our Bible content Adult Literacy and ESL materials are designed to be easily taught by Christian non-professional tutors after attending a Tutor training workshop.

Basic Adult Literacy

It is truly a blessing and an honour to be used by God in Literacy ministry.   It is His desire that the Word of God be opened and read by every people, tongue and tribe – yet until they have the scales of illiteracy removed from their eyes, it is not possible.

It is estimated that upwards of 96% of the world has at least some portion of the Bible in their language yet approximately half of the world  cannot read it.

Illiteracy keeps people in bondage to poverty and deception with the inability to read for themselves.  Learning to read opens a new world of possibility and freedom and the Light of Christ is shone into the dark places, bringing understanding.

English as a Second Language                                                                                                             

Non-English speaking people living in an English society often find themselves unable to function effectively in day to day life.  Reading signs, labels, instructions, shopping, reading a menu and filling out applications are difficult, if not impossible for many.   Learning English is essential to fully integrate into society.

As an ESL Tutor, it is a rewarding experience to watch your students grow in their ability to speak English as you share your faith in a non-confrontational way with our Bible content material.


“The greatest single blessing that ever came to the world was the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.   If Christ had not been written and if we had not been able to read the Gospels, we would know very little about him.”                                                                                                                                                                                           ~Frank Laubach to Ghandi

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