Literacy & Evangelism’s mandate is to train and equip the church (Christians) to reach the world through Literacy ministry.   We have a variety of trainings available to reach this goal.   Locally, we will partner with a church or missions group to hold Tutor Training Workshops in basic adult literacy and English as a Second Lanuage, as well as provide ongoing training and assistance with starting an ESL or Literacy ministry.     To discuss how we may be of service to you in Canada, please email   or phone 705 738-5208

International Literacy Training Institute

ILTI is held in Tulsa, Oklahoma each year as a five week intensive training in ESL, adult Literacy (both in English and the Overseas method) and and introduction to Primer construction.   This Institute is well attended by people from around the globe.   For more information and to download a brochure visit:  ILTI .



Regional Literacy Training Institutes

In addition to ILTI, we have Regional LTI’s which are held in various countries globally by our Regional Directors, and Tutor Training Workshops held by L.E.I. Missionaries and Partners.

November 2010 saw our first Primer Construction Institute, which combined the classroom instruction for Primer Construction with practical hands-on experience creating Bible Content adult literacy Primers in two languages.

For More information on Upcoming Regional Trainings  visit:   TRAININGS

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